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U-Founders is a support structure for business creation, attached to Mohammed VI Polytechnic University.

U-Founders deploys incubation, pre-incubation and entrepreneurship awareness programs for students, researchers and entrepreneurs belonging to the university's ecosystem.

The U-Founders programs span for a period of 6 to 24 months, at the end of which project developers will become business leaders.



U-Founders aims to support and promote a global community of visionary researchers and entrepreneurs committed to developing the African continent.

The mission of U-Founders revolves around 3 main axes:
Spread the entrepreneurial spirit within the university, Participate in the valorization of research works and Contribute to the emergence of innovative start-ups in different fields.

• Deep Tech: Combines R & D and breakthrough innovation projects in sectors related to UM6P research agenda.
• Shallow Tech: For innovative projects with high added value from a social or a technological perspective.

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Our incubator is open for experts from the national and international entrepreneurial ecosystems:



Our Startups

Our Programs

U-Founders offers 3 support programs for start-ups:



is an entrepreneurship awareness initiative for UM6P students and researchers. Throughout the academic year, U-CAN deploys a series of general modules, conferences with role models and successful entrepreneurs, as well as a series of workshops led by experts on topics related to entrepreneurship and innovation.


is a pre-incubation program that aims to test the maturity of the project and to help the entrepreneur overcome any obstacles.

Our ambition through this program is to support entrepreneurs towards the realization of a marketable product with customers and / or traffic.


is an incubation program that aims to transform project owners into entrepreneurs. Such program is dedicated to project holders with confirmed potential.

U-Scale lasts 6 months and offers a series of operational modules aimed at helping the entrepreneur to develop his own company (e.g. accounting, legal, etc.).

Our Offers


UM6P has many living labs including the experimental mine, the experimental factory, the experimental farm and the Green Energy park. These infrastructures are made available to U-Founders startups.

U-Founders provides entrepreneurs with access to UM6P Innovation Lab for Operations (ILO) which develops and manages infrastructures, demonstrators and other test tools focused on industrial digitization.

U-FOUNDERS mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs and experts with first-hand experience and a deep understanding of matters related to the businesses of the incubated startups.

U-FOUNDERS gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their projects to an audience of qualified companies likely to collaborate with startups.

Through its network of investors, U-FOUNDERS supports its entrepreneurs in raising funds at the various stages of their startups.

U-FOUNDERS provides entrepreneurs with access to a best-in-class coworking space within the campus of Mohamed VI Polytechnic University.

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